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We can create innovative and visually appealing ceilings that enhance the style of your home/ building. This is attributed to our team approach, whereby builder, architect and designer work hand-in-hand from the earliest stages.
Our aim is to successfully deliver a stylish yet practical ceiling, while opening up new horizons in design. With our highly specialized skills set and vast collective experience, we can assure you of work of the highest standard. Our scope of services ranges from upmarket residential homes to golf estates.
With our ability to dress up a plain room into a special, distinctive, remembered room, we provide only the best in workmanship and quality service at competitive rates. We strongly believe in maintaining a streamlined operation with the emphasis on complete hands-on management and professionalism.


CUSTOM DESIGNED CEILINGS - We specialize in sculptured ceilings, intricate designs, unique patterns, designs that accentuate lighting, etc. We can create anything from a false cavity in a wall, to matching home d�cor, to raised decorative enhancements, tailor-made to suit your requirements.

DOMESTIC CEILINGS - we are able to supply and fit the complete range of domestic ceilings including Gypsum boards with cover strips and cornices, Gypsum plastered ceilings, which are seamless, and Nutek ceilings previously known as Asbestos ceilings.

SUSPENDED CEILINGS - we fit state of the art suspended ceilings (for office-blocks, malls & show-rooms). This installation includes the use of aluminium framework which hangs from a roof truss or original concrete slab (base area). rhino-board segments (tiles) are then positioned into these frames creating a tiled effect.

PARTITIONING - The joints are usually plastered to ensure an even finish, ultimately creating a false wall. Partitioning is an effective method to divide open areas into smaller rooms, KZN Timbers and Ceilings CC has provided partitioning for several office, industrial & commercial settings. The advantage hereof is that it can be an impermanent fitting & detached at a later point. It is also a great deal cleaner and exceptionally quick to install. We can also erect any types of partitions including glazed, demountable, timber and plasterboard.

MOULDED CORNICES - Moulded cornices are predominantly used by KZN Timber and Ceilings CC to create a visually appealing effect. There are many variations in this product as far as range & design are concerned. We also install standard Gypsum Cornices, Nutec Cornices and Timber Cornices, the result of which has a decorative significance to create a well-rounded off result.

BULKHEADS - Bulkheads, used in diverse commercial & residential applications, is a necessity to enclose certain existing fixtures, or to enhance the aesthetic significance of a ceiling. We have the expertise to install bulkheads in alternative sizes and a range of positions.

KZN Timbers and Ceilings CC has recently established a specialized �works� division, made up of a team of competent and reliable staff, who solely responsible for any repairs and maintenance work (including painting, decorating works, etc).
Our workers make use of stilts as opposed to the traditional scaffolding, which allows for less restriction and more flexibility of movement.