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KZN Timbers and Ceilings is the epitome of value, affordability and outstanding customer support. Our company takes pride in being among the "elite" of ceiling installers in South Africa. Established as Vicsham Ceilings by the late Mr PM Govender, the company has been supplying the KwaZulu Natal region with quality ceilings for the last 28 years. Now operating as KZN Timbers and Ceilings CC, the company has grown from strength to strength from a team of just two to a flourishing enterprise of sixty-three dedicated employees.

KZN Timbers and Ceilings CC is a dynamic ceiling installation enterprise headquartered in New Germany. The company, well-reputed for providing a personalized and quality installation service to a broad base of customers in and around South Africa, is headed by Mr Shamlin Govender. Shamlin has 16 years of experience in the industry, while the company can proudly boast combined staff experience of several hundred years.

KZN Timbers and Ceilings CC specializes in the installation of designer ceilings (see Annexure A for portfolio of work completed by KZN Timbers and Ceilings), specifically geared for an upmarket clientele. The company is committed to a standard of excellence that places it at the forefront of the industry. With their team of highly qualified and professional staff, the business is well-reputed for maintaining the highest quality and safety standards as well as its excellent customer rapport. To this end, the company has secured a multitude of blue-chip clients and is in the process of acquiring ISO 9000-accreditation


KZN Timbers and Ceilings is an innovative and competitive company with a focus on producing a high-end quality service and achieving customer excellence. Our aim is to:
Maintain customer satisfaction, trust and integrity by delivering a quality service that conforms to industry best practices.
Provide a unique, tailor-made service to best suit our customers.
Deliver value through excellence in workmanship